Waste Stove
RO WasteStove
Class Normal
Level 92
Size Large
Type Formless
Element Neutral
Natural Habitat Einbech Mines

Waste Stove is an ancient looking stove with a kettle on top. It has a dark matter that lives in the stove and it has a vicious teeth. It will attack anyone on sight.

In other versions of Ragnarok Online, this monster is known as Old Stove.


Unlike new appliances, Waste Stoves were handmade by master craftsmen that developed their own souls. They used to be benevolent machines, content to provide loving warmth.

For years they would serve their owners with loyalty. But as technology advanced and they became obsolete, they were discarded like pieces of trash. This twisted their hearts to evil. They begin to wander and attack Normans. They hate Normans very much.

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