Character Warlock
Warlock concept art for RO.
Job Tier 3rd Class (RO)
Job Base Wizard, High Wizard
RO Job Bonuses
+1 +7 +6 +13 +8 +2
RO2 Job Bonuses
 ??  ??  ??  ??  ??

Warlocks, unlike Wizards, focus more on causing abnormal status effects on their enemies rather than cause direct magic damage. Warlocks specialize in a brand new magic-casting technique: they can read spell books, summon spells to store, and later recall those casted magic spells to instantly cast the spells without any casting delay.[1]


The Warlocks originate from Wizards who headed to the Ash Vacuum to the land of the fairy-like Sapha to study and develop more powerful, higher level magic spells. Upon discovering the fairies in the Ash Vacuum had a unique magic system, which was completely different from that of the Normans, they sought to learn more about how to incorporate the Sapha's magic into their own. The Wizards researched and expanded their magic knowledge to eventually incorporate the Sapha's magic style of wordless and spell-less magic, which focused on interrupting and confusing the enemy instead of directly inflicting magic damage.

The Norman Wizards sought to combine their already powerful attack spell sought the principles of fairy magic so that they could wield magic more effectively against their enemies.

Soon after they began studying fairy magic, a new problem arose: the Norman body cannot sustain using such powerful magic for an extended period of time due to physical damage and side effects to the practitioner. To compensate for this drawback, the Wizards studied how to employ more than two simultaneous magic circles of the same time to get the same powerful effect while using multiple weaker types of magic. Their research of this problem brought about an unexpected result: they developed the ultimate form of magic, Tetra Vortex.

The Wizards celebrated this new way of magic and called those that mastered the way of employing multiple mana circles Multi-Circlers. These Multi-Circlers eventually evolved into the group that we now know as Warlocks, the premier magic practitioners.[2]

Job Change Quest

See Warlock Job Change

Notable Warlocks


Normans are the only race that can become Warlocks.


Character Warlock2

jRO redesign of Warlock.

Warlocks can only equip gear designated for:
  • Warlock Class
  • 3rd Class
  • All Classes


Warlocks can utilize the following weapons:


RO FreezingSpell Freezing Spell RO Radius Radius
RO Release Release RO SummonFireBall Summon Fire Ball
RO SummonWaterBall Summon Water Ball RO SummonStoneBall Summon Stone Ball
RO SummonLightningBall Summon Lightning Ball RO SiennaExecrate Sienna Execrate
RO HellInferno Hell Inferno RO SoulExpansion Soul Expansion
RO FrostyMist Frosty Mist RO CrimsonRock Crimson Rock
RO DrainLife Drain Life RO ChainLightning Chain Lightning
RO EarthStrain Earth Strain RO Comet Comet
RO JackFrost Jack Frost RO TetraVortex Tetra Vortex
RO ReadingSpellbook Reading Spellbook RO WhiteImprison White Imprison
RO Stasis Stasis RO RecognizedSpell Recognized Spell
RO MarshOfAbyss Marsh of Abyss RO IntenseTelekinesis Intense Telekinesis
RO FullThrottle Full Throttle

Advanced Jobs

Ragnarok Online

Warlocks are on the highest job tier in the game and cannot advance any farther.

1st Class 2nd Class 3rd Class Transcendant
Magician Wizard Warlock High Wizard



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