Verus City
Level none
RO VerusCity
The ruins of a lost city.
Type Capital
Race Norman
Government No data yet.
Rulers No data yet.
Faiths No data yet.
Location Schwarzwald
In the until-recently abandoned Verus City a robot has been waiting for an adventurer to help her get some missing parts...[1]


The ruins of Verus City seem to lie closely south of the Juperos Ruins, suggesting that the two areas may be connected in whatever destruction befell them. Both the Juperos Ruins and Verus City have been buried underground, so no sunlight reaches them at all. Oddly enough, trees and shrubbery continue to grow in the darkened Verus City regardless.


No data yet.

Notable Characters

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All quests in Verus City require the completion of the "Fantasmagorica Excavator Recruitment" quest.


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