Level none
RO Valhalla
The road to rebirth begins here.
Type Hall
Race Valkyries, Einherjar
Government Divine
Rulers Odin
Faiths Odin Orthodoxy
Location Asgard

Valhalla is the legendary hall for the einherjar, spirits of warriors who died in battle. Here in Valhalla, the einherjar prepare daily for the coming of Ragnarök and the epic battles to come.


RO Valhalla2

The hall of heroes.

Within the walls of the Library of the Schweicherbil Magic Academy lies a Heart of Ymir, which is what powers the city of Juno and allows it to float in the air. Those who come into contact with it are transported to the realm of Valhalla, where they can choose to die and be reborn into a being more powerful than a mere mortal, a transcendent.

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