Cooking in Ragnarok Online is a craft that players can only "level" up by making foods and drinks over and over. The more you make of a single food item, the higher the chance of being able to make the food item successfully. As such, I've taken the liberty of making a grocery list of ingredients for budding chefs to refer to in order to help build up a suitable supply for leveling their cookery.

I'll also cover Mix Cooking Cookbook and February Sweets ingredients for those who go the extra mile to cook those. Some of these ingredients will reappear in multiple cookbooks not because I'm too lazy to check for multiples, but because it'll make this an easier grocery list for people referencing ingredients from one cookbook.

Level 1 Cookbook

Level 2 Cookbook

Level 3 Cookbook

Level 4 Cookbook

Level 5 Cookbook

Level 6 Cookbook

Level 7 Cookbook

Level 8 Cookbook

Level 9 Cookbook

Level 10 Cookbook

Mix Cooking Cookbook

February Sweets