So one of the recent updates to World of Warcraft is the addition of a dungeon called Helheim, which is rather significant considering Ragnarok Online never got a Hel-themed dungeon. Yes, you could argue that the entirety of Niflheim is a dungeon, but c'mon, that would mean that it's Umbala's dungeon since the Tree of Umbala (a dungeon) is the only way to access it (outside of customizations like iRO's Bathory warp). And it used to be that towns in Rune-Midgarts had Wild Roses wandering through them, so I don't buy the "oh, it can't be a town because it has monsters in it." Niflheim has interactive NPCs and vendors, so it's a town; a town with two field maps and NO dungeon. I find it pitiful that WoW, which came out 2 years AFTER RO, is implementing a Hel/Niflheim-themed dungeon BEFORE RO. C'mon GRAVITY, how pathetic can you be that another MMORPG that's not even based solely on Norse mythos beat you to this kind of content update when you've had a 2-year head start? Emote bzz