Feels like just yesterday I wrote the 12th... and the 11th....

Anyways.... Happy Birthday Gramps! 132 years young!

Start of in the Criatura Academy (/navi iz_ac01 83/130) and we will find Gramps wanting to brew a potion based off his time spent as an Alchemist!

Gramps wants to make money to leave something behind for his family! He asks us to get him some supplies.

MilkyThief 13thAnniversaryQuestGuide1

Gramps can be found on the first floor in the last room at the end of the hall.

MilkyThief 13thAnniversaryQuestGuide2

50 Empty Potion Bottles (Mail Annex)
20 Empty Test Tubes (Mail Annex)
1 Level 5 Fire Bolt Scroll (Marduks)
5 Holy Waters (Priests)

After supplies we need to go to Izulde Warf and walk near the sign.

MilkyThief 13thAnniversaryQuestGuide3

Test successful! Go back to Gramps. Gramps needs more supplies!

MilkyThief 13thAnniversaryQuestGuide4

25 Wing of Red Bats (Drainliar)
25 Claw of Rat (Cramp)
25 Yams - Not Sweet Potatos (Grizzly)

Gather and go one map south of Payon. (Gramps is senile and old tells you wrong map...)

MilkyThief 13thAnniversaryQuestGuide5 MilkyThief 13thAnniversaryQuestGuide6

After finding Gramps at his laboratory again he needs to test you to see if you can help.

MilkyThief 13thAnniversaryQuestGuide7

Go to Payon Dunegon floor 4 and kill 50 Sohees.

Back to Gramps. He needs you to go meet his dealer in Prontera behind the library.

The dealer decides he will help and sends us back to Gramps.

MilkyThief 13thAnniversaryQuestGuide8 MilkyThief 13thAnniversaryQuestGuide9

Back to Gramps labratory. He needs you to see the dealer again.

Back to the Library. The dealer tells us he saw Gramps in the Prontera Inn. Go find him.

MilkyThief 13thAnniversaryQuestGuide8

On the 2nd floor in the Prontera Inn we find Mr. & Mrs. Gramps. Go back to Payon after chatting with them.

MilkyThief 13thAnniversaryQuestGuide10

Back to Payon. Once you talk to Gramps, 4 Mobsters will spawn. Kill at least 2 and talk to Gramps. He tells us he is getting out of the game.

Note: If your Mobsters are KS'd any Mobster will count. You only need to kill 2.

MilkyThief 13thAnniversaryQuestGuide11

He wants to say thank you and tells us to meet him back at Izlude.

Gramps thanks us for our hard work in the drug potion making business. Talk to him again to get your reward.


MilkyThief 13thAnniversaryQuestGuide12 MilkyThief 13thAnniversaryQuestGuide13 x100

You also get Base & Job Exp. No idea how much. Sorry.

My god this quest was awful. So many spelling errors :S Oh well one more anniversary done! Happy 13th birthday iRO!