Yo ho yo ho, near the hooks, I'll never go.

Achievements -> Quest -> Basic

"It went down with the ship"

treasure02 101/157

MilkyThief WalkLikeAPirateDay2017AchievementGuide1

"A very Vocal resident may guard this chest."

prt_fild07 322/78

MilkyThief WalkLikeAPirateDay2017AchievementGuide2

"These undead archers put the pirates to rest"

pay_dun01 50/265

MilkyThief WalkLikeAPirateDay2017AchievementGuide3

"Under the city of magic where the mushrooms roar"

gef_dun00 174/44

MilkyThief WalkLikeAPirateDay2017AchievementGuide4

"Left for dead. Near this castle"

glast_01 185/290

MilkyThief WalkLikeAPirateDay2017AchievementGuide5

"Uncovered by adventures near some Pyramids."

moc_ruins 100/186

MilkyThief WalkLikeAPirateDay2017AchievementGuide6

"Seized by the Orcs it was buried with their dead."

orcsdun01 46/80

MilkyThief WalkLikeAPirateDay2017AchievementGuide7

"Deep under the sea near some ruins this treasure lost."

iz_dun04 130/227

MilkyThief WalkLikeAPirateDay2017AchievementGuide8


MilkyThief WalkLikeAPirateDay2017AchievementGuide9 MilkyThief WalkLikeAPirateDay2017AchievementGuide10

You get the title "Rated Arrrrrrrrrr" and a Pirate Eye Bandage. You also get 1 Gift Box per achievement completed.

This gear is not a costume, and next week we will receive an exchange NPC to make a costume version of it.

Special thanks to Krit for doing the quest with me, and a very un-thank you to Tina, who did nothing. Nothing at all.