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Baaawwwwkkkkk!!! Hello there!

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Step 1

Start off by paying a visit to Turpeco in Morroc just south of the inn.

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Turpeco tells us he is entering a beauty contest!

He repeats himself a lot, so make sure you let him know that you have heard it before!

He wants to make himself shine! He asks us to bring him 909 50 jellopy.

After giving him the 909 50 jellopy he smears them all over himself to look shiny!

Step 2

After some creepy dialogue Turpeco needs our help again!

MilkyThief ThanksgivingQuestGuide4

We need to help thin out the competition!

Go kill 30 peco pecos.

MilkyThief ThanksgivingQuestGuide5

Return to Turpeco, and he will ask you to go see Judge Oda.

Step 3

Enter the Inn and ask Oda about the contest.

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Oda tells us that it is actually a battle royale! If turpeco enters he will get eaten!

Go back and talk to Turpeco.

Step 4

Turpeco is understandably upset, and has the idea to make Oda want to use a different food!

He will give you a list of food to give oda to try instead.

Bring Oda one of the following:

  • 517 Meat
  • 574 Egg
  • 1023 Fish Tail
  • 579 Fresh Fish
  • 962 Tentacle
  • 514 Grape
  • 516 Potatos
  • 578 Strawberries

MilkyThief ThanksgivingQuestGuide7

NOTE: Items are consumed and it appears to be a random one for each person.

Me personally it took 5 tentacles.

After bringing Oda a new food he tells us that it is delicious and that Turpeco is safe!

Return to Turpeco for your reward!


I forgot to check if it gave exp... /dum
VIP - 750k Base/Job EXP
Non-VIP - 500k Base/Job EXP

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MilkyThief ThanksgivingQuestGuide9

Or a Vintage Orc Helm if you are on Classic. You get to pick.

Shortest quest so far :L

Thanks for reading! +1's never required but greatly appreciated.

Tune in again!

The REAL beauty contest is coming soon!

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