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Feels like I just wrote the 11th anniversary guide yesterday....


You have choices, this quest is about gathering coins coupons to trade in for gear.

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Crystal Invasion

MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide2 MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide3

On Prontera Field 08, there is the Stanley Summoner NPC. Every hour, he can summon an MVP in the field. When the MVP is defeated, coupons scatter all over the field. The MVPs are beefed up as in over 100mil HP.

MVPS Spawned:

When it died, it dropped: Mastela Fruit Box, Poison Bottle Box, High Weapon Box, White Potion 100 Box, and Coupons.

GTB Ghost also has a chance of dropping Angels Blessing.

MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide4

There are also Crystal monsters roaming the map world too that can be killed for coupons and other goodies.

MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide5

This is going to be abused so badly :L

Poring Roulette

MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide6 MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide7

Comodo (197, 133)

This NPC is a gamble. You bet your coupons on a poring, then every 2 hours one is selected at random. Each poring has its own odds.

MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide8

Beach Cleaning in Comodo

MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide6 MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide10

Comodo (210, 125)

All over the shore in Comodo are piles of trash. The Comodo Cleaning Lady wants us to get her 20 pieces of trash.

MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide11 MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide12

Talking to these Beach Trash piles gives you Trash Debris along with other random etc items.

Giving her 20 Pieces of trash gives 10 coupons. This can be repeated at 6am on the following day.

Promote the 12th anniversary

MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide6 MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide13

Comodo (219, 137)

You need to promote the 12 anniversary of iRO! This NPC warps you to various towns all over Rune Midgard. You have 10 minutes to find the billboards in the towns and talk to them causing your character to spread the word. The navigation system guides you through each town to each billboard.

Finishing this, he gives 10 coupons. This can be repeated at 6am on the following day.

IRO Chaos 12th Anniversary Quest! Promotion Time!

IRO Chaos 12th Anniversary Quest! Promotion Time!

Reward Catalog

Spend your 719971997199719971997199719971997199

MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide6 MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide14


  • RO Heal Full Heal - 1 Coupon
  • RO IncreaseAGI Increase M.Speed - 1 Coupon
  • RO Gloria Increase All Stats - 10 Coupons


  • 504 20 White Potions - 20 Coupons
  • 506 40 Green Potions - 20 Coupons
  • 505 10 Blue Potions - 20 Coupons
  • 645 20 Center Potions (Concentration Potions) - 20 Coupons
  • 656 15 Awakening Potions - 20 Coupons
  • 657 10 Berserk Potions - 20 Coupons
  • 678 5 Poison Bottles - 30 Coupons



People can vend the costume that expires and the red txt doesn't show when you look at them.

Avoid the scam! I didn't buy one but found others who have - it's not the perm one for that cheap. e_e
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Rental 12th Anniversary Crown - 12 Coupons

MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide15

Rental 12th Anniversary Elven Ears - 12 Coupons

MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide16

(Non Rental)12th Anniversary Crown - 1200 Coupons

Not costume*
Has hidden slot*

MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide17 Note: This is a typo. Wearing a +7 set gives +12 Crit, not +120.

(Non Rental)12th Anniversary Elven Ears 1200 Coupons

Not costume*
No hidden slot on Chaos*

MilkyThief 12thAnniversaryQuestGuide18 Note: This is a typo. Wearing a +7 set gives +12 Crit, not +120.

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