Boo. Did I scare you?

MilkyThief Halloween2017QuestGuide(iRO)1

We start off on the 2nd floor of the Prontera Inn. Here we meet Cres Wraven.
Talking to him will make your character very sleepy, and you will be teleported to Niff.

MilkyThief Halloween2017QuestGuide(iRO)2 MilkyThief Halloween2017QuestGuide(iRO)3

Here we meet Kruegg Enna. She tells us there are others in this nightmare and we need to seek them out.

Head to the bottom left of the map. 125, 56. Here we meet Lenn Glantz. He needs 20 Ectoplasm. These drop from Mini Demons on the map.

MilkyThief Halloween2017QuestGuide(iRO)4 MilkyThief Halloween2017QuestGuide(iRO)5 MilkyThief Halloween2017QuestGuide(iRO)6

Next we head to the bottom right. 335, 41. Here we meet Claud Rane. He needs 20 Rusty Kitchen Knifes. These drop from the Bloody Murderers on the map.

MilkyThief Halloween2017QuestGuide(iRO)7 MilkyThief Halloween2017QuestGuide(iRO)8 MilkyThief Halloween2017QuestGuide(iRO)9

Lastly, in the top right we meet Gina Crey. She will only talk to you after turning in the Ectoplasm and Rusty Knifes. Talking to her will warp you to Payon.

MilkyThief Halloween2017QuestGuide(iRO)10 MilkyThief Halloween2017QuestGuide(iRO)11

Here we listen to some demon mumbo mambo jumbo then get warped back. (These are for RO2)

MilkyThief Halloween2017QuestGuide(iRO)12

After returning and talking to Krueg Enna, you need to figure out the password from playing Ragnarok Online 2.

Ragnarok Online 2 - 2017 Halloween Crossover Quest - Ragnarok Online Section

Ragnarok Online 2 - 2017 Halloween Crossover Quest - Ragnarok Online Section

Vetr Hjorr Ufr Feigr

After telling Krueg the special words, we need to hunt down a Dream Demon.

Beware the fake demons, as these do not count.

MilkyThief Halloween2017QuestGuide(iRO)13

These demons have the same sprite as Baphomet, and very few spawn on the map, making them difficult to track down.

This is by far the hardest part of the quest, the Dream Demon is very very hard to track down. Not enough spawn.

RO Baphomet2

After killing it, return to Krueg Enna who will warp us back to Cres Wraven. Talking to him again will end the quest and give us our reward.

The quest is repeatable daily and may yield other rewards, it is to be determined.


Note: If you enter the passwords wrong, you will get a Scatlion pet instead.

MilkyThief Halloween2017QuestGuide(iRO)14 MilkyThief Halloween2017QuestGuide(iRO)15

Skelions eat a new pet food sold at the Pet Groomer for 1400z.

MilkyThief Halloween2017QuestGuide(iRO)16

Thanks to Krit for the help as always, and I actually did complete the RO2 quests, video will be added here soon.

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