We start off in Brasilis.

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Talk to Terra Track. She needs our help in setting up the 2016 Summer Sports Festa. Agree to help her.

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After agreeing to help her, go to the inn and talk to Perriot. Perriot tells us we need to recruit 4 people for the games.

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First up is Major Molitov who broke his legs in a Baba Yaga attack. He needs a milkshake to cure him. Gather these for the milkshake:

After you gather the items, talk to Major Molitov and he will agree to be in the games. He then tells us to go meet Lydia by the bar in the inn.

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Talk to Lydia, she will challenge us to a race Aslan to the center of Brasil. Race to center of Brasil. (Next to Kafra) And talk to Aslan.

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Go back to Lydia. She admits defeat and joins us. She then tells us to go talk to Lawrence Llaguno. He is next to Perriot in the inn.

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Lawrence needs a place to practice his martial arts before he joins up. We need to go ask the Weapon Shop Manager if they can practice there.

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After talking to him, go back to Lawrence and he will join in the Festa. He then tells us to go meet the last person that we need to join the Festa. Head to the docks.

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Talk to Isabel Izumi. She wants us to compete in the games now. Now you can do mini games for metals.


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He will throw an insult at you, and you rebuttal it. You can rebuttal with any insult you hear directed at you. Keep insulting him, and eventually he will concede.

Insult Rebuttal

smelled - whiff
fear - face
over - somewhere
stop - master
sharp - tip
thought - crossed
leaf Cat - teach
fighting - breath
potion - nose

You can Fence him once every three hours, or use an Eden Merit Badge to skip the cooldown. Reward: 100 Festa Gold Metals.


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Keep hitting enter on the machine after you talk to Punch Sideiron. Reward: 50 Festa Gold Metals.


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Talk to the researcher to be warped into a maze. Talk to the 2nd researcher to begin.

You do have to fight MVPs to do this one, video guide coming soon.

Reward: 175 Festa Gold Metals.

3 Hour Cooldown that can be skipped with Eden Merit Badge.


Talk to Westley to begin. If you need a rod, give him:

To learn to fish, please read my old guide!

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Once you cath fish, turn them in to Westley for some Festa Gold Metals!


You can trade your Festa Gold Metals in for Stat food and a hat.

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600 Festa Metals:

Champions Wreath

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1000 Festa Metals:

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200 Festa Metals:

+20 Stat food.

Frank can make the Wreath a costume that keeps its refine bonus.

To refine the Emperors Wreath, take it to Laurel and Hatty to refine it.