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Argh. Dinghy off the portside.


We start in Alberta, with the E.A.C Representative.

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He asks us if we want to make some coin with him. Upon agreeing he needs us to find 4 pirate captains to be mercenaries for him.


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Don't be greedy :P

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Jones agrees without any hassle to help - as long as there is coin to be made!

Le Beou
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Le Beou says he wants nothing to do with us, and then sicks his first mates on us!

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(Oh god. This part is a nightmare)

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Threepwood won't join us without a fight... AN INSULT FIGHT!

So the way this mini game works is really bizarre. He will throw an insult at you, and you rebuttal it. You can rebuttal with any insult you hear directed at you. Keep insulting him, and eventually he will concede.

You can't use the insult or comeback correctly until you hear it properly from an npc. All fencing matches use the same quest numbers so once you learn it from one quest youll know it forever.
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Use the guide below to see what to type in when. AFTER you have been insulted with it once.

Answer Key:

Insult Rebuttal

smelled - whiff
fear - face
over - somewhere
stop - master
sharp - tip
thought - crossed
leaf Cat - teach
fighting - breath
potion - nose

IRO Chaos - 2015 Talk Like A Pirate Mini Game

IRO Chaos - 2015 Talk Like A Pirate Mini Game

Head back to E.A.C Rep, he needs us to find the retired Pirate Butterbeard the pirate!

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Butterbeard wants Alcohol. Get him some alcohol, and he will then give us our final quest!

Defeat the villainous Le Picard Pirate and his henchmen!


  • 100 Pirate Skeletons
  • 1 High Orc

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Lucky for us, all these monsters are spawning on the Sunken Ship!

Once you kill all the monsters, it is time to defeat the evil Le Picard!

We find him on the 2nd floor of the Sunken Ship Dungeon.

Picard Battle

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And by defeat I mean INSULT HIS BUTT!

All your training lead up to this! (Same as Threepwood)

After beating Picard, return to E.A.C. Rep for your reward!

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Named Starving Fish Hat MilkyThief TalkLikeAPirateDayEventGuide18

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The quest is not repeatable ATM. There is a cooldown, but only so the quest can be reused in the future.

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Thanks to Krit for helping me with this quest & proofreading my illiterate self!