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I cannot stress this enough, this is a WIP. I will be working on this for the next week or two. This will be a hub for the main story quests and sidequests. Lets go!

Main Story Quests:

MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide1 MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide2 We start in Prontera near the spawn point. Here we meet The Royal Errand Boy. He needs our help and upon offering he can teleport us or we can walk north to Prontera Castle and give us an invitation to the Banquet. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide3 MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide4 Entering the castle we are greeted by Chamberlain Bell. He needs us to head to your room in the castle. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide5

Once in your room, talk to Chamberlain Bell. We need to go meet all the royal families. We start with Heine. Then move up from there and then to the right rooms. In Heine's room talk to Kronecker G. Heine. If you get kicked out go back and talk to the Chamberlain. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide6 After leaving the room head up, Skia and Nyhill will appear. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide7 Up a room we meet Spica Nerius. After talking to her, head north one more room. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide8 Talk to Ian in this room. That is it for the families on the left side of the castle, head over to the right to start meeting the other families. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide9 Next up, Wigner across the hall. Talk to the bald man, then to Jurgen,Katrin,Bald guy, then Jurgen. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide10 MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide11 Next up is Richard, you need to talk to the Butler first, then to Richard three times. You need to try to help him when he asks. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide12 After that is Geoborg, and entering the room will open a dialogue box for you being searched before talking to the queen. After the queen talk to the blonde bodyguard. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide13 Finally we have Roegenburg. First talk to Max, then Wolf, Agnes, then Max again. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide14 After talking to all the families return to your room and talk to Chamberlain in your room. He gives you 10 Honor Tokens. (See post below on how Honor Tokens work) We need to go to the Banquet hall now, and on the way back we will be stopped to overhear two people talking outside the Continental Guards room. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide15 Continue to the Banquet Hall and talk to the Nerius family. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide16 After the conversation, head back to your room. You will overhear more people talking outside Nyhills Room. After hearing them talk GO INSIDE NYHILLS room. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide15 Talk to the sisters and return to your room after.

MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide17 Back in your room now. After talking to Chamberlain the Court Magician appears and warps us to the Room of Consciousness. Head up and you will find the Magician. Talk to him in a party and reserve the instance. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide18

Ritual Of Blessing Instance

You need to talk to the two sisters at the entrance, then head up and stand in a specific cell and trigger the dialogue.

MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide19

After that -.- hits the wall and some special enemies are summoned. Kill them. Then talk to Kronecker. Leave the way you came in. This is a very easy and simple instance.

After clearing the instance, talk to Ian Walther. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide20 After that, talk to the Magician then the Librarian and follow up with the Wizard one last time. Then head left and talk to Guardian Knight to leave. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide21 MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide22

Here we spawn in the Jail, and need to talk to Overwatcher Terketh to get out. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide23 Now we head back to our room to talk to the Chamberlain. He tells us we need to go meet the Spica, head to the Nerius family room. After talking to her, go down one room and talk to Kronecker Heine. He gives us 20 Honor Tokens. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide24 See next section to understand what Honor Tokens do. Then return to your room to talk to Bell to spawn the magician. Head back to the Room of Consciousness. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide25

Walk up and talk to the Magician, he will teleport you into the room of consciousness. Walk up and talk to him again for him to reveal a new portal that leads to: Room of Consciousness Instance

Ragnarok Online Episode 16

Ragnarok Online Episode 16.1 - Room of Consciousness Instance

160+ Solo Instance

After talking to the teleporter, you are warped back into the room of consciousness. You talk to the Mage to open a new portal. Upon entering you

In here talk to Fenrir, go north then talk to Iris.

Kill a bunch of skeletons, then fight a weakened version of Amdarias, then Bijou. Drag the bosses near Fenrir and Iris to damage it.

You can spell break it for 200k damage, so this instance is soloable on all classes.

The Skeletons in the instance drop Masters Wills. It is currently unknown what these do.

Killing Bijou has a chance to drop a Valkyrie Power Fragment. You can trade 30 of these for one Mysterious Blue Box. These boxes give a random amount of Honor Tokens, Gear from the reward list below, or a miscellaneous ECT item from the Prontera Prison. The NPC is located in Prontera Jail.

MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide26 MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide27

MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide28

This instance is repeatable. To repeat it, you need to talk to the magician in ruined Prontera. You can get there by going back to your room and talking to Bell. Ask him to summon the Magician. The Magician will teleport you back to the Room of Consciousness. Here we can talk to the Magician and have him summon a teleporter for us. Talk to the teleporter and you will be moved to the Room of Consciousness. Here you walk out to ruined Prontera. In ruined Prontera on the north bridge is the Magician. Tell him you want to go back, and then go up and walk back into the castle.

Walking back in the castle takes us right to the Room of Consciousness. Talk to the Magician here and agree that something must be done about the undead. The Magician warps us back to the castle. Here we need to talk to the Magician, then Kronecker will appear. Talk to him. He will give us 30 Honor Tokens for our help.

Now we need to get permission to re-enter the instance. Head to Henie's room and talk to Friedrich to get permisson to re-enter. After talking to him, he allows us to keep returning to the Room of Consciousness. The timer resets daily at 7am PST.

After finishing the instance, talk to the Magician. He tells us Prontera is destroyed. If we head out the path to the left, we exit out into Ruined Prontera. Note: You can re-enter Ruined Prontera whenever you want. To do so, go to your room and talk to the Chamberlain. Ask him to summon the Magician. He will move you to the Room of Consciousness. In here talk to the Magician, and he will open a teleporter for you. Talk to the teleporter then go out the hallway on the bottom left side where the crusader was and you will arrive in ruined Prontera. Head to the bottom right corner. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide29 MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide30 You talk to Scientist Doyeon to start the instance. You must clear the other two instances above to access this instance. There is another teleporter located in the dimensional crack.

Ragnarok Online Episode 16

Ragnarok Online Episode 16.1 - Airship Fortress Instance


Stephan Jack Instance is a pain in the -.- Basically you are in an Endless Tower -esk sprial staricase that is full of zombies. You kill the zombies and they can drop keys. You use these keys to open the doors and fight one of two bosses a Wind Ghost or a Bloody Knight. You make your way to the top, and fight Jack. He spams EQ and you need to dodge them by avoiding the purple circles he spawns on the floor. The EQ is an insta kill, you need to be standing outside of the purple circle cells to survive it.

In this instance, the Zombie Enemies can drop the Viscous Mind Weapons. These come pre-enchanted and are very good weapons.

MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide31 MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide32

MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide33

After beating Jack, you talk to the Scientist again and he gives you a Sky Fortress Ticket. The ticket lets you enter the instance over and over again until it expires. The ticket lasts 3 hours for VIP users, and 1 hour for non VIP users. This instance has a 3 day cool-down.

This marks the end of the main story quests. In the next post, I will go into the side quests available in 16.1 and their rewards.

Honor Tokens:

In the Crusader Office you can exchange your Honor Tokens with the Commissary Arner. These tokens are character bound and are exchanged like KVM items.

List of Rewards:

  • City Map - 2 Honor Tokens
  • Shining Holy Water - 6 Honor Tokens
  • Prison Key - 6 Honor Tokens
  • Prontera Badge - 6 Honor Tokens
  • City Map [1] - 300 Honor Tokens
  • Shinging Holy Water [1] - 800 Honor Tokens
  • Royal Guard shield - 800 Honor Tokens
  • Prontera Badge - 300 Honor Tokens
  • Flattery Robe - 1200 Honor Tokens
  • Abusive Robe - 1200 Honor Tokens
  • Time Decor - 2200 Honor Tokens
  • Black Hand of Destiny -2200 Honor Tokens

If you take your Robes to the Prison, you can enchant them with Dylan the cat. MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide34

Side Quests:

MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide5 Call of the Royal Head Chef/Why should I prepare for the Banquets?/Ingredient for the Sauce:

Head up from the entrance and talk to the Royal Chef. He said he is looking for us and needs us to go to the kitchen.

In the Kitchen there is a line of Chefs by the counter. Talk to the Head Chef. He needs our help making sauces. We need the help of the Royal Sauce Master. He tells us what we need for the sauce. Press ALT + U to see what sauce you need.

Scattered around the kitchen are various ingredients, bring them to the Royal Sauce Master.

Fresh Flavor - Muka Juice Gelatinous Texture - Poring Jelly Gorgeous Light - Sparkling Plant Tender Taste - Giantarus Butter

After that, walk back on to the cell by the Head Chef. You need to walk on the right cell, photo below. Next go to the dining room, and in the bottom left table talk to the Grilled Griffon. Then go up one table and talk to Tamarin. He needs us to go talk to Dyu then Magi next to him in the banquet hall. Then go upstairs and talk to Mark, then Alice. After talking to Alice, go back to Tamarin. Tamarin needs our help picking up plates. Kill the plates and some of them will automatically put the High Class dish in your inventory. Take 15 of them to the Dishwasher in the Kitchen. After that talk to the head chef for your reward. If you talk to the Head Chef after completing the quest, you can help him by taking another turkey to the dining room, he gives you 4 additional Honor Tokens for your help.

Reward: 10 Honor Tokens

MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide35

MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide36

Prison Quests:

Head into the Prison and talk to Ellon Lawrence. He is a big fan, so give him your autograph. After that, you can access the Prontera Underground Prison.

MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide37

MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide38

Mastering will only talk to you if you talk to the other NPCs first. He will warp you to the entrance of the dungeon, this places a flag on you and the next time you talk to Ellond Lawrence, he will give you 2 Honor Badges. Also, you can now give him one Jellopy to warp to any of the NPCs above.

Each quest completed above awards 4 Honor Badges. These are repeatable.

MilkyThief 16-1MasterGuide39

Special thanks!

A huge thanks to my guildies for helping me with this guide. KriticalAssassin
Mik.Assassin I love all of you. Thank you for reading this long quest guide. I know it may not be finished yet as of the time reading this, but I am working on filling it in. I appreciate your time.