Turtle Island
Level 90 - 100
RO TurtleIsland
The entrance to the turtle underground.
Type Village
Race Turtle
Government Stratocracy
Rulers Turtle General
Faiths unknown
Location Off the coast of Alberta

Turtle Island is the home of Turtles in the midst of the Midgard ocean. The island is surrounded by a dense fog that is created by a waterfall inside a cave on the island. Two squads of Alberta Security Knights traveled to Turtle Island to investigate it, but have not yet returned.[1]

It is said there is a mountain of treasure or a potion of eternal life there, but no one knows for sure.


Several decades ago, a famous adventurer and explorer named Jornadan Niliria brought ten of his comrades to look for Turtle Island, then known for being the "Legendary Island of Fantasy and Dreams". Although faced with difficulty and the loss of three of his crew, Jornadan and his men eventually stumbled upon the island, where they discovered that another adventurer, a swordmaster by the name of One, had already explored the island alone. Using the map and journals left by One, Jornadan's crew began looking for a multi-faceted jewel recorded in the journals, but they were unable to find the jewel. Eventually, they headed out for the return journey to Alberta, but the fog surrounding the island had caused the crew to go around in circles, unable to leave the island. After a year of desperate voyaging out of Turtle Island, only Jornadan and one crew member, the sailing expert Gotanblue, were able to survive long enough to make the trip back to Alberta.

In the present time, Jornadan, currently a scholar on Turtle Island, continues to study the island, searching for information regarding the "unknown jewel". Meanwhile, Gotanblue provides services to adventurers who wish to travel to Turtle Island for a hefty fee.


The surface of the island is generally swamp-like, covered with flora and fauna that thrives in the wet environment.


All residents of Turtle Island are of the turtle race.



  • RO-minilogo Renewal Update (2009 Jun. 17)
    • Turtle Island was modified to a 90 - 100 zone to fit with the new level cap of 150. This area was originally a level 60 - 75 zone.