Turtle General
RO TurtleGeneral
Class MVP
Level 110
Size Large
Type Brute
Element Earth
Natural Habitat Turtle Island

Turtle General is the known leader of all the turtles that reside in Turtle Island. Despite his age and the stereotype of turtles being slow, Turtle General is actually fast and agile. He has mastered the art of twin blades and very good at close combat.


Out of evil forces and the wars with Normans, the ancient turtles are in the last times rebelling against all the war that just starts disturbs their island. In an order of Turtle General, their soldiers attacked Normans in Byalan Island starting a side-war and threatening people of Izlude. Turtles are not part of Evil forces, they just want live in peace in their island but the problem is the war is already affected their lives.

Currently , things has been slowing down and the turtle forces seems to be cooling off. Now Turtle Island is one of the prime target for treasure hunters and adventurers as it is abundant with gold and treasures.[1]



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