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Training Grounds
Level 1 - 10
RO TrainingGrounds
The Training Grounds castle.
Type Castle
Race Norman
Government None
Rulers None
Faiths None
Location Rune-Midgarts??

The mysterious Training Grounds is the starting area of Norman adventurers in Ragnarok Online. Each new Norman adventurer begins their journey on a small island and crosses a bridge to get to the entrance of the castle. The castle itself is split into two parts as a deep ravine runs through the middle. A bridge connects the two parts, allowing Normans to traverse both parts of the castle. Inside the castle are 3 large halls, all of which are populated by tutors ready to teach the newest generation of adventurers.

It is not marked anywhere on the world map as adventurers cannot return once they leave the area. Based on the architecture of the castle and the surrounding areas, it can be inferred that it is part of Rune-Midgarts.



  • Shion <Basic Game Mechanics Instructor>
  • Kris <Interface Instructor>
  • Cecil <Skills Instructor>
  • Alice <Item Instructor>
  • Edwin <Windows Interface Instructor>
  • Jare Riotte <Status Instructor>
  • Leo Handerson <Understanding Skills & Emoticon Instructor>
  • Elmeen <Combat Instructor>
  • Muriel <Entrance Guard>
  • Hoffman <Combat Guide and Teleporter>
  • Keyman <Test Examiner>
  • Bruce <1st Class Job Instructor>
  • Hanson <Personality Test Proctor>


  • Sprakki <Basic Game Mechanics Instructor>
  • Brade <Item and Combat Instructor>
  • Jinha <Skills Instructor>
  • Choco <NPC Instructor>




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  • Patch (2012 Mar. 28)
  • RO-minilogoRenewal Update (2009 Jun. 17)
    • Training Grounds was modified to better introduce new players to basic game mechanics and 1st Class jobs. However, several important NPCs that explain stats, status effects, and emoticons were removed without replacements.
  • Patch (2004 Dec. 09)
    • Training Grounds implemented.

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