Throw Spirit Sphere
RO ThrowSpiritSphere
Usable by
Job Class Monk, Champion
Type Offensive
Category Ranged (9 cells)
Levels 5 (Selectable)
Cast Time (1 + (Used Spheres*1)) seconds (Not Interruptible)
Cooldown 0.2 seconds or None
Other Information
Requirements Occult Impaction Lv. 3

Using Spirit Spheres as a weapon, the caster will launch the spheres at a target. The amount of spheres used, cast time, and damage dealt increases as the level of the skill used increases.

The cast time of this skill is (1 + Used Spirits) seconds. A certain level of Throw Spirit Sphere can use its maximum amount of spirit spheres (equal to the level), or it could use a fewer amount, if the maximum is not available. However, the ATK modifier for each spirit sphere remains dependent on the level used.


  • To use this skill while in the Blade Stop state, at least Blade Stop Lv. 2 must be unlocked.
  • Can be elemental.

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