• Back in October of 2017, GRAVITY announced the development of a new version of Ragnarok Online known as the Ragnarok: Zero project. Initially thought of as the kRO version of Revo-Classic, the Ragnarok: Zero project is eventually revealed to be a modernization of Ragnarok Online based on feedback acquired during focus group discussions and tests conducted in March and April of 2017. About seven months later, testing of Ragnarok: Zero commenced in November and the newest version of RO was launched on 2017 December 27.

    In a recent SEC Report, it was announced that GRAVITY plans to launch this new version of RO in more regions beginning in 2018. Nothing has been said as to what will become of existing Renewal and Revo-Classic servers, as the developers appear to be more focused on making the Ragnarok: Zero version of RO work over salvaging the Renewal and Revo-Classic versions of the game. However, GRAVITY has transferred some elements of the Ragnarok: Zero project over to their existing Renewal servers, so it's possible that whatever becomes of the Ragnarok: Zero project can be applied to Renewal servers at the very least.

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