• To go along with GRAVITY's launch of their Revo-Classic server, an official webcomic will be released to accompany Ragnarok Online's relaunch in Korea.

    라그나로크 온라인 브랜드웹툰 예고영상(Full Ver

    라그나로크 온라인 브랜드웹툰 예고영상(Full Ver.)

    The webcomic will focus on the victims of the experiments in the Regenschirm Laboratory of Rekenber Corporation, most notably Seyren Windsor. Judging by the animated trailer for GRAVITY's Revo-Classic server known as Ragnarok: Zero, it would seem the developers seek to either retcon the story of the biolabs monsters by having them present for the resurrection of Surt or this will expand on their story that was touched on in Episode 16 of Ragnarok Online.

    The webcomic is currently only available on two Korean webcomic hosting sites:

    It is unknown if there are plans to release the webcomic in other languages. Considering how the Revo-Classic rollout of Ragnarok Online to official servers haven't been consistent in terms of content and mechanics, it remains to be seen why GRAVITY has chosen to reboot the game differently in Korea compared to other regions with official support.

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