• 라그나로크 제로 애니메이션 오프닝 영상 (Full ver

    라그나로크 제로 애니메이션 오프닝 영상 (Full ver.)

    Last month, Korean newsite Inven reported that GRAVITY is finally launching a Revo-Classic server for their own region of Korea.

    Gravity's Goal for "Ragnarok M" is to Rank Above Rival "Lineage Mobile"

    Dubbed as the "Ragnarok: Zero" experience, kRO's own Revo-Classic server will start out with a max level of 60 and 1st Class jobs. They will also be changing the way items drop on their Revo-Classic server, focusing more on item collection than the other Revo-Classic servers. kRO players will be able to start testing the server this month.

    Many questions were asked about the Revo-Classic server, which the Ragnarok: Zero team eventually compiled to address.

    "Ragnarok: Zero's Goal is to Become a Clothing Store!" Interview with Rag:Zero Development Team

    Although GRAVITY acknowledges that players would like to return to the pre-Renewal experience, the developers do not want to replicate the old days exactly along with all the bugs and errors present back then. They wish to bring back the pre-Renewal experience with a more updated system. This would include the memorial dungeon system implemented later on in RO's life.

    The server will also have increased drop rates for items, allowing players to collect things more easily and spend less time trying to get drops. In addition, field monster spawns will become more dynamic, making so special boss monsters will appear when a certain amount of monsters are defeated.

    GRAVITY plans to implement updates and content to the Revo-Classic server once or twice a month and eventually it will catch up with current Renewal servers. There will be no EXP or drop penalty for monsters higher level than your character, but the EXP penalty will remain for lower level monsters. Stats system and calculations will mimic Renewal formulas, but some attributes may be changed.

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