• I've always wanted to archive information on The Gate of the World iteration of Ragnarok Online II into the wiki but wasn't sure how to go about doing so considering the existence of the Ragnarok Online II Wiki, which is focused on that version of the game. However, considering the RO2 Wiki is more of a database than an archive of information, I suppose we wouldn't be stepping on too many toes if we include information about The Gate of the World on this wiki.

    I'm well-aware that there are existing articles about this game on TV Tropes. Of course, any information that's taken from another site or wiki must be properly cited on the wiki, so I expect anyone wanting to help out with GOTW information should be doing so.

    I've already gone ahead and added race pages for Ellr, Dimago, and the Colossus. Other information that would be nice to have on the wiki would include the following:

    I've also gone ahead and created a GOTW category for all related articles to be sorted into. If there are any other pages that would be needed, please respond in this thread.

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