• PhilippinesROReturns

    It would seem that the Philippines version of Ragnarok Online (pRO) is set to make a return after having been shut down 2 years ago.

    "Several Korean websites have reported that Ragnarok Online is being brought back to the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries through a new publisher. According to multiple sources, Gravity (which made Ragnarok Online) has awarded a USD1 Million license to Ragnarok Thailand publisher Electronics Extreme to distribute the game in other Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, and here in the Philippines."

    Source: YugaTech

    Just recently, an official Facebook page hosted by Electronics Extreme themselves confirmed the news.

    "It's time to gather and rekindle old online friendships as we prepare for an exciting launch party for our Pinoy RAGNAROK community! Please stay tuned for official announcements and updates by liking and sharing our official FB Page."

    Source: Facebook

    It remains to be seen what will become of Gravity Interactive's Thor server, which was opened to host pRO data after it had been taken from its previous publisher Level Up! Games. It's possible the data was intentionally kept separate on its own server in preparation for transfer to Electronics Extreme for hosting.

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