• So most every Ragnarok Online veteran has heard of the story of the "Grand Tip Bag," the most famous case of real-life murder involving the game. Some say it's a hoax (because who wants to play a game that instigated real-life murder, right?), while others claim that it is very much true. Whatever the case may be, the only evidence of the event are 2 simple newspaper clippings that date back to around 2005 October.

    The story goes that at the 2005 Ragnarok World Championship, which took place in the Philippines, members of the winning team were given ₱1.5 million (Philippine Pesos). The ₱0.5 million part of the prize was given to the team's sponsor while the remaining ₱1 million was to be divided among the team members.

    A few months after the RWC, two people were killed at an Internet cafe when four teenagers entered armed with guns. One customer, a friend of the two fatalities, managed to survive and identified one of the teenagers to police. The suspect alleges that one of the victims had kept the ₱1 million prize money for himself and possessed a Grand Tip Bag cheat code that the suspect wanted.

    It is unsure if the suspect actually killed the victims for a Golden Thief Bug card (as the acronym GTB is more popularly known in the RO community as standing for Golden Thief Bug), or if one of the victims actually had a cheat code called Grand Tip Bag. Many RO players believe that the suspect made up the story of the Grand Tip Bag cheat code to make the murder seem less ridiculous than if he had actually admitted to killing over a digital item drop.

    Only pRO players know for sure if this event is indeed true and that details were kept vague due to the outrageous actions taken by the suspect and his accomplices. Regardless, the story continues to pervade RO history.

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