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    After taking over twRO from Gameflier, GRAVITY went on to claim the Indonesia Ragnarok Online servers for themselves.

    "Hi RO Maniacs ^ o ^

    It was already 13 years ago that LYTO accompanied RO Maniacs to adventure in the world of Rune-Midgard. So many memories, jokes, laughter, anger, and even tears that we have been through together. So much excitement and unforgettable memories of playing time with RO Maniacs, cheerfulness in Guild, a fierce battle in WOE, and friendship that exists between fellow RO Maniacs.

    Closure Schedule Payment page / Coins Server Ragnarok Indonesia Contents: • 8 November 2016

    Closure Schedule Server Ragnarok Indonesia: • December 13, 2016

    We must inform you that Ragnarok Online Indonesia will be moved from LYTOGAME to GRAVINDO, but RO Maniacs do not be sad. Because you will still be able to continue the adventures you have in Rune-Midgard with friends - your friends will enjoy the fun of playing in Ragnarok Online Indonesia as all data IDs and your characters will be moved to the server Ragnarok Online Gravindo.

    To smooth the migration process, the Server Ragnarok Online Indonesia will be closed until the preparation of the data transfer process LYTOGAME to GRAVINDO is completed.

    For more info please click the link below

    Happy RO ^ o ^

    See u again ^ - ^"

    Source: Lyto's RO Facebook

    That makes 2 officials that GRAVITY has taken over (twRO and idRO) while the Thailand servers (thRO) were transferred to another publisher of GRAVITY's choosing. Rather curious to see what they're up to with all these management changes.

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