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    20:07, April 16, 2017
    RO RWCChange
    A recent letter to thRO (Thailand server) was leaked to reveal that the management of the Ragnarok World Championship is to be changed starting this year.

    Instead of having finalists flown to a central physical location to compete in the RWC, GRAVITY has begun looking into doing the competition online in order to save flight and venue rental costs. The problem with this is that players would be able to compete using their home computers, which would lead to rampant cheating due to hacking and client hexing. Although GRAVITY has stated in the letter that they will look into preventing such things, the fact remains that they cannot police home computers as well as they can their own computer setups, the way it has been done for RWC in the past 10 years. Not to mention players connecting to the designated RWC server may have consistently bad connections and laggy gameplay.

    This change comes in the wake of RWC 2013 in which iRO (International server), bRO (Brazil server), ruRO (Russia server) and euRO (Europe server) players were unable to compete in the RWC because money could not be compiled to fly the finalists to the competition's venue in Tokyo, Japan. As such, RWC 2013 became known as Ragnarok Asia Championship as the only participants came from southeast Asian regions.

    It remains to be seen how RWC 2014 will turn out.

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