Tartanos Violin
RO TartanosViolin
The weapon's info window.
Type Musical Instrument
Level 4
Effects 200 ATK
130 MATK
-6 LUK
+20% Ranged Physical damage.
Creates a low chance of regaining HP and SP from 5% of your damage dealt while you are Physically attacking.
Consumes 100 HP every 10 seconds.
Consumes 1,000 HP when unequipped.
Weight 200
Source Cursed Knight Instance
Cost to buy 200 Gray Shards
Cost to sell --

This magic violin, made to match the Devil Sword Tartanos, is sculpted out of Gray Shard. It offers incredible power and mana at a great cost.

On iRO, this weapon is localized as Thanatos Violin.


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