Tarot Card of Fate
RO TarotCardOfFate
Usable by
Job Class Clown, Gypsy
Type Offensive
Category Magic Spell
Levels 5
Cast Time 1 second
Cooldown 3 seconds
Other Information
Requirements Improve Concentration Lv. 10, Dissonance Lv. 3 (Clown)
Improve Concentration Lv. 10, Ugly Dance Lv. 3 (Gypsy)

Tarot Card of Fate causes a Random effect from a list of fourteen "cards" when successful.

RO TarotCardIcon


  • The skill's 40% success rate cannot be further increased by the caster.
  • The target cannot reduce the skill's success rate, but his or her resistance to status effects (e.g. Curse, Poison, Stone, etc.) is taken into account.
  • Cast time can be reduced by increasing DEX.
  • SP is not consumed, but Cast Delay applies, when this skill fails.
  • This skill works through Pneuma.
  • Damage is not reduced in WoE.

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