RO Tarlock
Tarlock's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Job Class Airship Captain
Race Moose (Monster??)
Alignment unknown
Main Weapon unknown
Family Ferlock (brother)
Friends unknown
First Appearance Episode 10 (Ragnarok Online)

Tarlock is the captain of the Schwarzwald domestic airship which transports passengers from Juno to the cities of Hugel, Lighthalzen, and Einbroch. He is the brother of international airship captain Ferlock.

On iRO, Tarlock's name is switched with Ferlock.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.
RO AirshipCaptain

One day, Tarlock encounters an adventurer bearing a letter from his brother, Ferlock. He accepts the letter, but requests the adventurer to collect some items that his brother borrowed from him in exchange for his letter to his brother. Since the adventurer would be unable to learn about airships without a return letter, the adventurer agrees and leaves.

The adventurer returns some time later with the Prickly Fruit and Will of the Darkness as requested. Satisfied, Tarlock gives his reply letter in exchange for the items and the adventurer disappears.

Time passes and before long the domestic airship's Rune Stone falls low on energy. Seeing this, Tarlock lands his airship in Einbroch to retrieve a new one from the Einbroch Laboratory. When he arrives, he is surprised to run into the same adventurer that helped deliver letters between his brother and him. Although he is unsure of the adventurer's purpose for being there, he assures the adventurer that he will not call the guards but that he/she should leave immediately and meet him in the airship. The adventurer obeys without a word.

Tarlock later returns to the domestic airship with a new Rune Stone to find the adventurer waiting for him in the captain's quarters. He asks the adventurer his/her reason for being at the Einbroch Laboratory, to which the adventurer responds that he/she was trying to help someone. Tarlock understands and says that the adventurer must promise that he/she will never tell anyone what he was about to say. The adventurer promises and Tarlock begins to talk.

He reveals that the Rune Stones that power all the airships are imitations of fragments of Ymir's Heart. They were conceived by a widely famous Sage name Varmundt. But because he disappeared before the Rune Stones could be perfected, all subsequent Rune Stones made after his disappearance are unstable and become useless after some time. That was why he was at the laboratory, to get a new stone for his airship.

Tarlock then goes on to tell the adventurer that the reason he's revealing this to him/her is because his brother and him suspect that someone is trying to steal the Rune Stones from the airships. He notes that his airship never comes under attack, yet his brother's gets attacked. So they've determined that the attackers are from outside the Schwarzwald Republic. Both brothers haven't been able to learn more than that, so Tarlock tells the adventurer that if more information surfaces, he would be sure to call on the adventurer for help in the future.[1]


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