Stone of Sage
RO StoneOfSage
The item's info window.
Type Consumable
Effects Evolves the user's homunculus if it meets the proper conditions. (Consumable version only)
Weight 30 (cons)
1 (misc)
Source Gemini-S58, Dame of Sentinel, Baroness of Retribution, Lady Solace, Mistress of Shelter
Cost to buy --
Cost to sell 50,000 Zeny (cons)
0 Zeny (misc)

An enchanted stone rumored to transmute matter into gold.


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Consumable version

Miscellaneous version


  • RO-minilogoEpisode 10.3 (2005 Sept. 27)
    • The item "Stone of Sage" now drops from some monsters at a small chance. If you use the "Stone of Sage" with a friendly Homunculus that has closest intimacy, the Homunculus evolves. After the evolution, the intimacy of the Homunculus returns to its initial state of frustration.