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RO SlayerTab

The working Slayer tab in kRO.

The Slayer System is a player-killer (PK) system in Ragnarok Online that allowed players to earn special bonuses when killing monsters and other players. It is only available on PVP servers.

Slayer Bonuses

When players increase their kill count and rank up, a number of bonuses are rewarded to them:

  • +3 to all character's stats
  • 10% physical and magic attack bonus
  • Double EXP gain
  • Gain an additional 10% Zeny when selling goods to vending NPC Jenny

If players meet certain conditions, they will earn the rank of Experienced Slayer. A remarkable change takes place if stats are further increased. [1]

Murderer Penalties

To prevent abuse of the Slayer System, rules are implemented to filter out foul players:

  • Killing other players under certain conditions will increase notoriety. Getting killed by other players will decrease notoriety.
  • After killing another player, there is a 60-minute cooldown before points can be earned again.
  • Players who earn the status of murderer will not gain the special slayer bonuses.


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