Rune Socketing is a Ragnarok Online II feature that inserts rune slots into gear for players to insert special stat runes into. Rune slots can only be added into gear that has Blind Rune Holes.

Socketing Equipment

In order to socket an equipment with rune slots, players must obtain Runehole Punchers. Runehole Punchers can be crafted by Blacksmiths and bought from the Kafra Shop.

Runehole Puncher Source
Cast-Iron Runehole Puncher Blacksmithing
Drill Runehole Puncher Blacksmithing
Screw Runehole Puncher Blacksmithing
Spark Runehole Puncher Blacksmithing
Rocket Runehole Puncher Blacksmithing
Accessory Runehole Puncher Kafra Shop
Super Puncher Kafra Shop, Events

Removing Runes

Players can remove runes from rune slots by utilizing a Rune Remover. Each Rune Remover can only remove 1 rune per use. Rune Removers can be acquired from the Kafra Shop and will keep both the rune and the equipment intact after use.

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