Republic Library
Level none
RO RepublicLibrary
The front entrance of the library
Race Norman
Affiliation Schwarzwald Republic
Location Eastern Juno
Technical Name(s) yuno_in04

The Republic Library, or Juno Library, is the main library of Juno that is open to the public. A bird statue adorns the top of each of the library's towers. It houses a variety of texts from pop culture novels to newspapers to scholarly textbooks.

Library Catalog

This is a listing of texts that can be seen at the library. This is by no means comprehensive and only serves to be a sample of what can be found there.

West Wing

Item Upgrade Introduction Scroll Hamerun, Rat Hunter Jellopy Soup

By Kim Crawford

Publisher: Muha Books, Co.

Old News Scrapbook Popular Feasts

By Cabbage Pickle Community

Muha Books, Co.

East Wing

The Schwarzwald Adventurer

Edited by the Sage Historical Research Community

Academia Press, Co.

The Spectacle That is the Life of Aragham Caul

By Aragham Caul

Caul Books, Co.

Traveling Alone: The Guide to Mastering Every Skill You Need to Travel by Your Lonesome

North End

Ambitious Hollgrehenn

By Aragham Caul

Muha Books, Co.

Economic Action Thriller Romance History of Ancient Economics
Juno Economy Report A.W. 792 Juno Economy Report A.W. 802 Juno Economy Report A.W. 822
Linguistical Procedural Data Schwarzwald Republic History Secrets of the Forgotten Tombs