Replay is the name of the integrated recording feature designed for Ragnarok Online. It allows players to record gameplay sessions for the purpose of playback review or for submission to a publisher's support team for reporting ill-mannered behavior.


To access the Replay feature, click on the Replay button in the game's UI menu.

Once clicked, the Replay UI will pop up.

From here, you can decide what you want Replay to include in its record by clicking on the middle button to open the setup menu. You can also set it to allow the system to make files with duplicate names or have it make sure each filename is unique.

Once everything is set up, click on the big arrow button to input a filename and have Replay start recording. Your chatbox will confirm with a "Record start" message. Clicking the pause button will end the recording and the chatbox will confirm that a .RRF (Ragnarok Replay File) has been created for the recording session. All Replay files will be saved in the Replay folder of the RO folder.


To playback your Replay files, initiate the RO launcher and select the Replay option instead of the regular client. Once you agree to the prompt that follows, the Replay client will present you with a list of all your Replay files. All Replay files must be located in the Replay folder in order to show up on this list.

Once you have selected a Replay file to review, the client will load the file and a playback UI will appear. Clicking on the big arrow will begin the playback. The < and > buttons allow you to either speed up or slow down the playback. You can slow down the playback to 1/2 or 1/4 speed or speed up to 2x or 4x speed. There is no option to skip to a particular point in the file.

To stop playing the Replay file, click on the stop button and the client will reset the file back to the beginning. To switch to another Replay file, click on the "Exit" button and it will return you back to the Replay list window.


If you are unable to load a Replay file, it may be attributed to one of these issues:

Your client is outdated.

  • If your client is missing game assets (sprites, maps, audio, etc) that the Replay has recorded, the file will be unable to load. Update your client to the latest patches to fix this.

The Replay was recorded on a client with mods activated.

  • If someone recorded a Replay file and add-ons were used during the recording, the Replay file won't load unless you have the same add-ons on your computer.

You're playing a Replay file that was recorded on an illegal server.

  • Illegal servers run on different programming from official servers, therefore Replay from illegal servers will be incompatible with official servers.

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  • Patch (2011 Mar. 09)
    • Replay feature added to the client. Press the REC button at the bottom of the character information window to record gameplay.
    • At the start of recording, a setup window will appear to hide information such as equipment window, character status window, etc.
    • Replay files recorded can be played through the RO launcher's replay button (fast playback is also possible).