RO Raydric
Class Normal
Level 115
Size Large
Type Demi-Human
Element Shadow
Natural Habitat Glastheim Chivalry

Raydric is a cursed spirit confined to a suit of armor. It used to be a castle guard that still it has a deep attachment to protect the castle from it's enemies.[1][2]


Raydric was once a proud footman of Glastheim. When the curse fell on Glastheim, most of the Raydric "changed" to weird beings and lesser demons. After the seige of the Glastheim, those who were once proud soldiers of Glastheim were all slain and killed. However the curse were not lifted even after the death of Raydric. Their body might have been destroyed but their soul is bound to their armor. They have been cursed to live a tormenting life till the end of time. Raydric can be killed and destroyed, however they will be reanimated again after their death.

Despite being cursed and dead, Raydric still have a deep attachment to protect the castle from any intruders. Their loyalty is unquestionable even after death.[3]

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