The Ragnarok World Championship, or RWC for short, is a grand final tournament deciding who are the best players among all Ragnarok Online users in 77 countries around the world, one of the biggest scaled competition in the global game business.[1]


RO Poster17

Grandyoukan's illustration of RO's job classes for a RWC 2004 poster.

The first tournament was held in 2004, approximately 2 years after RO's official launch in 2002. The RWC has since then been held annually without fail, garnering much fame within the RO global community.

RWC was cancelled for the very first time in 2014 following lack of funds for all official servers to participate in the finals in 2013. It remains to be seen what will become of this RO tradition.

Rules of Engagement

  • RWC teams can only consist of 5-7 players. (In 2010, jRO proposed a change to allow RWC teams to be formed with 10 players.[2] It didn't last long.)
  • Each server can only have one team to represent them. (Later changed when several RO servers shut down.)
  • Teams cannot have repeating job classes, i.e. can't have 2 Knights, 3 Priests, etc.

Preliminary Tournaments

Each official RO server hosts its own tournament to determine which 7-player team will represent them at RWC. The following lists the pre-RWC competitions held in each server.

  • USRC - United States Ragnarok Championship (iRO)
  • REC - Ragnarok European Championship (euRO)
  • RBC - Ragnarok Brazil Championship (bRO)
  • RPC - Ragnarok Philippine Championship (pRO)
  • RJC - Ragnarok Japan Championship (jRO)
  • RTC - Ragnarok Thailand Championship (thRO)
  • RMSC - Ragnarok Malaysia/Singapore Championship (mRO)
  • RIC - Ragnarok Indonesia Championship (idRO)
  • RTC - Ragnarok Taiwan Championship (twRO)
  • RKC - Ragnarok Korea Championship (kRO)

After each server's teams have been decided, the players will physically be flown to the predetermined location of the actual RWC where they will take on other teams using unmodified computers in order to prevent hacking and cheating.

Championship Winners

RWC Logo Date/Location of Tournament Winning Team/Server of Origin
RO RWC2004
2004 July 17[3]
Seoul, Korea
twRO (Taiwan-Hong Kong)[4][5]
2005 June 26
Pasay, Philippines[6]
RO RWC2007
2007 July 21
Seoul, Korea[7]
thRO (Thailand)[8]
RO RWC2008
2008 October 18
Pasay, Philippines[9]
thRO (Thailand)[10]
RO RWC2009
2009 November 01
Yokohama, Japan[11]
jRO (Japan)[12]
RO RWC2010
2010 October 02
Jakarta, Indonesia
thRO (Thailand)[13]
RO RWC2011
2011 October 15
Seoul, Korea
thRO (Thailand)[14]
RO RWC2012
2012 November 02
Seoul, Korea
jRO (Japan)[15]
RO RWC2013
2013 November 24
Tokyo, Japan
thRO (Thailand)[16]
cancelled cancelled cancelled


cancelled cancelled cancelled
cancelled cancelled cancelled


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