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Ragnarök Online: Prequel
Developer(s) Dream Square
Publisher(s) Dream Square (China)
NGames Interactive (International)
Platform(s) Internet Browser
Release date(s) China (2015 May)
Taiwan (2016)
Hong Kong (2016)
Thailand (2016)
International (2017 March 27)
Genre(s) RPG

Ragnarök Online: Prequel (Chinese: 仙境傳說RO:前传), also known as Ragnarök Zero, is a role-playing game for browsers that is based on Ragnarok Online. It is developed by Dream Square, which entered a license agreement with GRAVITY in May of 2013.[1]


  • The colorful and highly acclaimed art style of Ragnarok Online is back and available right from your browser! In addition to plenty of recognizable monsters and costumes, Ragnarök Online: Prequel will also have new pets, new mounts, and new fun!
  • Plenty of skills are available for each class, but only a handful can be equipped at once. Choose from your favorite before heading out to battle and if it doesn't work, switch up your play style!
  • Ragnarök Online: Prequel has something for everyone. Prove your skill and mettle against other players in daily team PvP tournaments and arenas, or show off your monster-bashing skills with PvM challenges!
  • Will you become a hard-hitting swordsman who charges head first into battle? Or do you prefer the slow and steady tank build? The choice is yours as you optimize your character with your preferred stats, and customize yourself with the Card System to create your own play style.
  • Ragnarök Online: Prequel is a free-to-play online action RPG that runs straight from your browser. No download or setup is required, so sign up and start playing in seconds![2]


All is well in the prosperous Kingdom of Prontera, but things are not as they seem.

The calm before the storm is always the most quiet and hostile forces have long since gathered on the borders of town. Demons, undead, and other monstrosities are hidden and away from prying eyes, but what will happen when you, a lone adventurer, stumble onto their plans? Will peace be shattered? Will you, along with the rest of the Kingdom, fall victim to their evil schemes? Or will you rise to the call? Will you foil their plans, protect the Kingdom, and forever have the people chant your name?

Can you?

Welcome to Ragnarök Online: Prequel. Your adventure starts now.[3]



On 2013 June 4, Dream Square announced that it had entered a license agreement with GRAVITY to develop Ragnarok Online: Prequel.[4] Closed beta tests for the game began shortly after and Ragnarök Online: Prequel was soft-launched in October of 2013. It was later suspended in October of 2014 for additional development and localization before being re-launched as Ragnarok Online Web in May of 2015.[5][6] GRAVITY planned to have the game launched internationally in 2016,[7] which began with Taiwan after the original launch in China. The international version of the game will be known as Ragnarok Journey.[8] On 2017 March 1, closed beta for Ragnarok Journey began with distributing beta keys from their website.[9] On 2017 March 27, Ragnarok Journey was launched in the west.[10][11]

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