Ragnarök Nostalgia
This is not the nostalgia you are looking for. At all.
Developer(s) NEOCYON
Publisher(s) Gravity Co. Ltd. (South Korea)
GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. (Japan)
Platform(s) Mobile phones
Release date(s) 2009 (Korea)[1]
2011 (Japan)[2]
Genre(s) RPG

Ragnarök Nostalgia (Korean: 라그나로크 노스텔지어) is a multiplayer role-playing game for mobile phones that's based on Ragnarok Online.[3] It was one of the last mobile games designed for older, non-touchscreen mobile phones.[4]


  • Allows players to send items and Zeny earned in the game to their RO accounts.
  • Chibi-style sprites for mobile displays.
  • Uses the phone's keypad to walk around.


No data yet.


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