Ragnarök Mobile
The splash screens for all 5 versions of the game.
Developer(s) Gravity Co. Ltd.
Publisher(s) SkyZone Entertainment
Platform(s) Mobile phones
Release date(s) 2006 April 25 (North America)[1]
Genre(s) RPG

Ragnarök Mobile is a cell phone game that lets players play a mini mobile version of Ragnarok Online. Players could choose from several versions of the game to play: Swordsman, Mage, Thief, Archer, and Merchant. Only the Mage version was released internationally. It is unknown when this game was discontinued.


  • Allows players to send Zeny earned in the game to their RO accounts.
  • Chibi-style sprites for mobile displays.
  • Uses the phone's keypad to walk around.


No data yet.


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  1. IGN News 2016 May 06

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