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RO RagnarokSkill
Usable by
Job Class Bard, Clown, Dancer, Gypsy
Type Offensive
Category Area of Effect
Levels unknown
Cast Time unknown
Cooldown unknown
Other Information
Requirements unknown

When cast, Ragnarok does one of 12 spells at random in the area where the Dancer and Bard are playing. It does not distinguish between friend or foe. Very little remains of what the skill specifics were, however the range of the skill was 7x7 cells from the caster, and it lasted for 60 seconds and casted the one of the spells once every 2 seconds. This means that 31 spells were cast in those 60 seconds.


  • Ragnarok is the only skill that will continue after death and it has since been deactivated due to its possible abuse.

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