Ragnarök: Valkyrie Uprising
And there was little to no uprising to be had and I'm not talking about her boobs.
Developer(s) NEOCYON
Publisher(s) Gravity Co. Ltd. (South Korea)
Gravity Interactive (North America)
Animoca (North America)
Distributor(s) iTunes Store
Google Play Store
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Release date(s) 2012 June 20 (South Korea)[1]
2013 March 20 (North America)
2016 (Taiwan)
Genre(s) RPG

Ragnarök: Valkyrie Uprising is a video game for iOS and Android mobile phones. Its original title is "Ragnarök: Valkyrie Rebellion."

The game shut down in Korea on 2015 November 17, after only 3 years of service.[2] It is unknown what will become of the game outside of Korea.


  • Play with friends and meet new friends with the multiplayer function.
  • Social features include trading and party play for raids and PvP.
  • Multiple Player vs. Player modes which include a ranking system.
  • Enjoy the classic Ragnarok Online look and gameplay on your mobile phone.


1,000 years ago...

After an exhausting 100-year war with the demons, the Normans of Midgard forged a fragile truce with the scourge of the underworld.

40 years ago...

Valkyrie Randgris threatened the Norman world using a powerful item stolen from the underworld, the Cursed Stone. Monica from the celestial land of Valhalla defeated Randgris and was able to seal her away, never to be seen again.


A mysterious woman has broken the seal, but disappeared in the process. Once again, the dark powers of Randgris and her Cursed Stone are free to terrorize the Norman world once again.


Alternative NamesEdit

Ragnarök: Valkyrie Uprising has since been renamed Ragnarök: Path of Heroes to coincide with the expansion update. A later expansion in 2013 renamed the game again, this time to Ragnarök: War of Gods.[3] The game was renamed yet again in 2017 as Ragnarok Classic MMORPG.[4]

In Taiwan, the game is known as Ragnarok: Battle of Heroes (Chinese: RO仙境傳說: 英雄戰役).[5]

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