Ragnarök: Renaissance
Developer(s) Dream Square
Publisher(s) Dream Square (China)
GRAVITY (Korea, Taiwan, Thailand)[1]
Platform(s) iOS phones, Android
Release date(s) 2016 October 18 (China)[2][3]
2016 December 01 (Taiwan)[4][5]
2017 February 10 (Thailand)[6]
2017 April 13 (Korea)[7]
Genre(s) card RPG

Ragnarök: Renaissance (Chinese:仙境传说:复兴) is a card RPG mobile game developed by Dream Square for iOS and Android phones. It is based on Ragnarok Online and features many towns and cities from the MMORPG. The game was initially announced on 2016 June 6 and open beta began the day after.[8]


  • Side-scrolling gameplay
  • Create up to 3 characters
  • Five job classes available: Swordsman, Thief, Magician, Hunter, and Merchant
  • Equipment can be refined and enhanced
  • Care for up to 4 pets
  • Friendlist


No data yet.



  • China - 仙境传说:复兴
  • Taiwan - Ragnarok R
  • Thailand - Ragnarok Revival
  • Korea - Ragnarok R


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