Ragnarök: Angel Poring
I'm still wondering where the Angeling of Angel Poring is.
Developer(s) NEOCYON
Publisher(s) Gravity Co. Ltd. (South Korea)
Gravity Interactive (North America)
Gravity Europe SASU (Europe)
Distributor(s) iTunes Store
Platform(s) iOS
Release date(s) 2011 November 10 (Korea)[1]
2011 November 10 (North America)[2]
2012 July 12 (Europe)[3]
Genre(s) Puzzle

Ragnarök: Angel Poring (Korean:엔젤포링) is a video game for iOS smartphones that features the trademark Poring monsters of the Ragnarok franchise.


  • A cute and easy-to-learn puzzle game
  • 70 levels with an increasing difficulty
  • A physical engine and sensor system that brings a new style of gameplay
  • Circle, clear or explode the Porings: there are many ways to play!
  • A 2-player battle mode to compete with your friends[4]



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