Way of the Sorcerer
Start The Great Stia
End The Great Stia
Prerequisites none
Level 25
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience, Money
Previous Next
Stia's Final Test none


Return to Stia at the Prontera Palace.


"Well, you've passed all my tests. Happy? You should be. Proud? I know, I know. We Sorcerers must always be proud. ……Well, though you've passed the test, it's up to your choice. But, you know very well that you have no other choice!

Snigger……. You're mine now. Snigger…….

Now, don't think otherwise and come to the Palace. I will give you the right to become an Sorcerer there. There's no time limit this time, so take your time!"


  • Notice: If you wish to become an Sorcerer, talk to Stia again and select the Change Job button at the bottom.



"What are you doing? To the Palace!"


"There you are, genius Sorcerer! Giggle. Right, I will open the flow of magic for you to become an Sorcerer. Here we go.

Beings higher than the sky and deeper than the ground
Beings radiant than morning and crimson than evening
I am one with your power
Open your eyes, your ears, your mouth
I, the Great Stia, order you to give your all to <name>

……… All done. The flow of magic of your body has been altered, so that you can walk the way of the Sorcerer. Hey, glad to have you on board!"

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