Secret Note of Bazett
RO SecretNoteOfBazettQuest
Outside the camp on the bridge to Jotunheim.
RO BazettTeablack
RO BazettTeablack
Prerequisites 30 Horn of Hillslion
Level 70
Location Midgard Allied Forces Post
Rewards Money
Previous Next
Ring of the Wise King none


Investigate the area and look for proof of the existence of Saphas.


"Hu... That's pretty interesting... I will take note of it in my research papers."

*write... write... crunch... crunch...*

He doesn't seem to recognize that I am standing next to him as he continues writing something.

*write... write... crunch... crunch...*


Who... who are you?! How long have you been standing there?"

<name>: "Um, I'm just passing by. You look like you're busy with something. See you!!"

"Uh!! Wait!!

Your finger... Is that...?!"

He grabs your hand with a surprised look.

"That is the Ring of the Ancient Wise King!!! This has to be fate that I've met you!

My research is not going so well. The gods of fate must have sent you to me. I'm sure of it!!"

<name>: "...What?!"

"Would you like to help me with my search?"

[What kind of search?]

"To put it simply, I'm searching for fairies and giants that live around here. Though I belive they all live in the same place, they are sure to have different cultures...

First and foremost is proof of their existence... What about it? Are you interested?"


"Haha... I just know that I'm right! Hahahaha!!

So let's work together from this point on. Let me introduce myself. As you can see from my name tag, my name is Bazett Teablack."

<name>: "I am <name>."

[Okay, so what can I do for you?]

"<name>, let's see...! Search Manuk and Splendide fields everyday for signs of the fairies or giants. It's not difficult, so please share any information that you can gather as you travel through those areas. Hopefully I can find what I am looking for with the information you can find."



"Oh! Did you finish??"


"Can I read the note first?!


Bazett is reading carefully. Perhaps he doesn't want to be bothered. Let him read.

"Um... Oh... my... God!!!

Um... I see...

It's a little bit simple, but arranged well, including some interesting stories.

Perfect dear, <name>!! You did a really good job. Today you must be tired, so take a rest. Let's cheer up for tomorrow's search!!

Ah... Actually, here's a coin used by the giants. Maybe you can use it to buy something from them."

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