Training Grounds
RO TrainingGroundsQuest3
Preparing for combat training.
RO Elmeen
RO Keyman
Prerequisites none
Level 'none
Location Training Grounds
Rewards Experience, Items
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Training Grounds Training Grounds


Learn how to fight in Ragnarok Online and level up at least 2 times.


"Congratulations! You have passed the 1st training course! Wow! I guess now you understand a little bit more about Ragnarok Online. You will learn the fundamentals of actual battle through this class. If you did your best through the information class, you are supposed to have been given some starting equipment.

Please check your equipment before you engage in battle. Are you sure you've equipped all of your equipment, your weapons and armor?"



  • If you talk to Muriel after dying in the combat area, he will give you 50 more Novice Potions. After that, he will simply restore your HP each time you respawn.
  • You can sell items you pick up to the Potato Merchant near Muriel and buy Potatoes from her if you run out of potions to use.
  • Even though you are told to only level up 2 times, you can actually remain in the combat area to level your Job Level all the way to max.



"Good!! Now you know how to fight against monsters, don't you? Would you like to move to the next course?


I hope you will be a good fighter in the future. Bon voyage."

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