Training Grounds
RO TrainingGroundsQuest2
Inside the castle.
RO Kris
RO Cecil
Prerequisites none
Level none
Location Training Grounds
Rewards Experience
Previous Next
Training Grounds Training Grounds


Learn the basics of Ragnarok Online's interface and how to use skills.


"Hello, may I see your proof of registration?

Okay, now you're ready to go. In my class, I teach the use of the most basic interfaces. <name>, would you like to learn more about interface fundamentals?"



  • Don't forget to talk to Alice in order to recieve your Novice gear. You'll need them for the next course of training. She'll give you some extra Base and Job EXP if you do what she asks of you.


  • 34 Base EXP
  • 141 Job EXP


"You've been a good student, so let me reward you!

Behold: bonus experience!

Well, that's it for the essential fundamentals. If you want a more comprehensive lesson, you gotta speak to the assistant tutors.


Everyone in the Training Grounds is more than willing to help you. Good luck!"

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