Training Grounds
RO TrainingGroundsQuest
The beginning of the adventure.
RO Shion
RO Shion
Prerequisites none
Level none
Location Training Grounds
Rewards Experience
Previous Next
none Training Grounds


Learn the basics of moving around and exploring Ragnarok Online.


"Hello there~ Welcome to the Training Grounds!

Let's see. Your name is... <name>. My name is Shion.

Yes, this is the first time we've met, of course. Hahahaha~!

Now that we've met, is there anything I can help you with? I'm here for your questions~

[Where should I go?]

Do you see the bridge to your right side? Just cross the bridge and you'll arrive at a castle. All you have to do is walk inside! The entrance of the castle is a spinning white light. These portals are what allow you to move from one zone to another.

Do you know how to move? Left-click on a spot and you'll walk over to that spot. Piece of cake, huh?

So go for it! Basically, you must enter the castle in order to start your adventures. There are soldiers at the entrance, so don't worry about getting lost. Take care now~!"


  • 9 Base EXP


"Huh, why are you still here? (sigh)

Hey, when you enter the Training Grounds, you'll learn all sorts of things that will help you play the game. You'll even have the chance to get zeny and other rewards. You can even gain experience like this!

Everything you'll learn here in the Training Grounds will benefit your gameplay. So just think positive, okay?"

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