To the South Plains
Start Zeras Hyperion
End Eremes Guile
Prerequisites none
Level 9
Location Prontera, Carrot Village
Rewards Experience, Money
Previous Next
Issues of the Kingdom Rackuf Ambush


Find Assassin Eremes Guile at Carrot Village in the South Plains.


"So, what's your plan? You already have the certificate from the Dean, so there's no need to head back……. You probably didn't have any big breakthroughs..

How about taking apprenticeship under me? This kingdom needs young ones like you for the better future. Do not worry about what needs to be done. It all starts with a pebble to clear the road.

Right, go to Carrot Village at the South Plains. I've sent one of the Saintess escorts there awhile ago, but I've heard no news from him. You've met him. Eremes was the one……. Go and see what he's up to."


  • Originally, the quest required the player to seek out Blain Lorishu but was later changed to Eremes for reasons unknown. This is evident in the context of the quest which refers to Eremes as an escort of the Saintess, but is actually never part of her entourage.


  • 656 Base EXP
  • 150 Rupi


"Go through the south gates. Carrot Village is located 10 o'clock of the South Plains."


"Hmph. We meet again, <name>.

The Knight Commander sent you? Do you know him?"

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