The True Identity of the Suspicious People
Start Dean Wilfred
End Guard Puyol
Prerequisites none
Level 4
Location Elemento Academy
Rewards Experience, Money
Previous Next
Real Culprit Chasing after Fritz
Defeat the Apprentice Apostles!
Defeat the Low Level Apostles!
Brannel, the Demon Summoner
Catch the Betrayer!


Go meet Guard Puyol at the Central Gate of the western Mjolnir Mountains.


"I followed the suspicious people you found this morning. They were headed to Fritz's home. We attacked them there and found the evidence.

Fritz used some kind of magic to corrupt the cadets' minds and turned them into the Freyjanity. Poor cadets... All of this is my fault. I should have known sooner.

We don't have time. Fritz slipped away right after we found out his true identity. Kalain and the other cadets are in pursuit. You should go with them. Central gate is the only way out of here. Go meet Guard Puyol at the Central Gate."



"Pruh... Professor Fritz attacked me... Headed towards the eastern Mjolnir mountains... Knight Kalain is in pursuit...


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